dinnerAs The Family business grew bigger and bigger it started to evolve. The clientele was no longer just first generation families from Jalisco, like in the early stages of the business. Because the popularity of the Torta Ahogada expanded beyond the ethnic and generational circle, so did The Family Business.

With the need to evolve came the idea for a fresh and new concept for a restaurant; A restaurant that appealed not only to People from Jalisco, but also appealed to the rest of the world. Pika Tortas Ahogadas opened its doors in April of 2012, and the rest is history.

Pika Tortas Ahogadas provides dinner in Paramount, CA. Once you see what we have to offer in burritos, we know you’ll choose us again. We offer the best desserts and it's our goal to provide what you need in salads. If you’re looking for incredible restaurants, go ahead and visit us today.