Our humble beginning soon grew to become a big success! To keep up with our consumer’s demands, the Estrada family upgraded their trusty and very profitable food stand to a “Catering Lunch Truck” in 2004. Our reputation in authentic Mexican food was built on meeting our customers’ tastes.

As our clientele continued to grow, in 2007 the Estrada Family opened the doors of their first Restaurant, located in the city Los Angeles. Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara was enjoying its success! As the clientele kept on growing rapidly, the Family business also grew.

Nowadays, if you're looking for lunch, Pika Tortas Ahogadas is the only place to go. When it comes to a family restaurant in Paramount, CA, no one can approach our level of service. We offer the best deal in Mexican cuisine because you deserve nothing less. If you have any questions about our Mexican grill, don't hesitate to ask. For amazing drinks and more, visit Pika Tortas Ahogadas today!